Sytchampton Endowed Primary School


Sytchampton School has adopted the new curriculum since 2014. Further information can be found on the Government website.

At Sytchampton we have mixed year bases we have decided to complete a two-year topic cycle which links to the Curriculum 2014.We also have a termly calendar which outlines key festivals and events to further focus children’s learning and provide rich experiences.

Each topic will include:

  • A WOW factor moment to launch the topic eg. Object found in school grounds, parcel/letter delivered, visitor.
  • Each topic to include either a visit to a relevant site or visitor to engage the children in their learning.
  • All topics to start with an Art/DT focus making things to display in class to eg. Roman mosaics, shields.
  • All topics supported by library service topic boxes and have a key text to focus on.
  • All topics to link with project based homework/Scrap books which forms part of the final presentation to parents.
  • Topics are skills and knowledge driven with children asking questions, investigating and making links.
  • Planning should evolve around key questions and involve pupils in planning their learning.
  • Projects to last 8-10 weeks.
  • One class per term (one per year) completes a ‘BIG’ project which involves a presentation to parents to celebrate and showcase the pupils’ learning. This can include IT presentations, drama, song/dance, exhibition of work.

Look for cross curricular links:

  • History > Art/DT > Literacy
  • Geography > Art/DT > Maths
  • Science > PE/Outdoors > Maths
  • PSHE > RE > School Ethos/Assembly
  • MFL > Music > Drama

Areas of overlap in all subjects and computing, music, art and DT and use our specialist staff eg. Anna Martin will support during our Friday sessions.

Children’s work celebrated in corridor boards – changed after each main topic.

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