Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Hawks at the Botanical Gardens

22 January 2019

Hawks Class went to the Botanical Gardens on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 to learn more about our topic of ‘Rainforests’.

We learnt how to become a hunter by using a blow pipe to kill our prey, just like they would in the rainforest. We also got to hold lots of different seeds that can be found in the rainforest.

Then we met lots of different creatures, including a chameleon and we got to watch him eat a grasshopper and were surprised at how long his tongue could go!

Our favourite rainforest animal we got to meet was definitely Loki the Lesser Tenrec! We thought he looked like a hedgehog, but we learnt that he actually had more in common with an elephant. We couldn’t believe it!

We loved becoming mini Indiana Jones’ for the day too! We got to explore the Tropical and Sub- Tropical glass houses, which contained all of the rainforest plants we wanted to see, such as the kapok tree.

Using a blow pipe just like a hunter.
We couldn’t believe a seed could be this big!

We couldn’t believe how quickly bamboo grows.
Look how excited we were to be able to touch a real stick insect!

Some of us enjoyed it more than others!
We even got to hold a snake. We made sure the head stayed away from us... .just in case.

We loved the chameleon... he was so pretty.
With Loki the Lesser Tenrec.

We became mini Indiana Jones' for the day.