Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Stourport Carnival

7 September 2013

A great fun day was had by parents and children a like.

A huge thank you to Pennie Gould for suggesting and then organising a float for Sytchampton School to be entered at the Stourport Carnival. It was a brilliant way to advertise our school to the local community.

We decorated the carnival float on Friday with decorations made by the children during their time at PALS over the Summer Holiday. It looked really good!

We turned up on Saturday with the float, with the adults dressed as school children and the children dressed as teachers.

This is the first time we had ever entered a float into a carnival, so imagine our surprise and absolute delight to come in first in our category. We didn't enter it to win it but win it we did!

Special thanks also goes to Ann and Roger Haughty for the use of their lorry and to PALS for their help over the Summer Holidays.