Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Year 3 visit Frankie and Benny's

April 2012

In the Spring Term, Year 3 worked with Frankie and Benny's to learn about healthy pizza options and developing Economic Awareness.

The children used creative materials to design their own healthy pizza,as part of their Design and Technology work, as well as thinking of a fantastic new name for their creation!

The children were then invited to the restaurant in Kidderminster where they became chefs for the day, donning the appropriate health and safety uniform of hat and gloves, in readiness of preparing their individual pizza. Once prepared and cooked, the children were then able to get to the best bit- eating their pizzas!

Whilst there, the children had a visit from the Mayor of Kidderminster, Mrs Anne Hingley, who judged the best pizza design and handed out prizes.

Busy designing our own pizzas, using a variety of materials.
At the restaurant, hats and gloves at the ready!

Spreading on the tomato base and adding the cheese. This is fun!
Pizzas prepared and cooked, assisted by the Mayor of Kidderminster Mrs Anne Hingley.

Yum! Now for the best bit! Time to eat!
The Mayor awarded prizes for designing the most creative pizzas.