Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Ospreys Victorian Experience at Hartlebury

19 June 2014

In June, Ospreys class went back in time to experience a Victorian School room at Hartlebury museum.

They have been researching the history of the school which dates to 1868, and have met past pupils, some of whom were family members.

They were taught by Miss Proper who had a very disciplined approach, the children sat at traditional desks and used slate on blackboards. Ellie and Alfie tried out the back straightener, Annabelle the finger stocks, Alex tried on the dunces cap and poor Sam was caned within an inch of his life!

The pupils really looked the part in their costumes and they also enjoyed playing with the traditional toys at playtime: hoops, stilts, spinning tops see the pictures below to see how much fun they had.

Experiences like this bring learning to life and are an important part of our curriculum design.

Osprey's class from 'yesteryear'.
In the school playground.

Playing with Victorian toys.
The monitor collected the slates and blackboards. He was very careful and did not want to upset Miss Proper!

Miss Proper leads the lesson with a firm hand!
We used slates and chalk to write with.