Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Falcons Pirate Party

3 July 2014

This term the children have been learning about pirates.

To end our topic the children wanted to create a pirate party. We created a class list about the things we would want to have at our party.

First we learnt a pirate dance and song. Next we created our own treasure maps so we could go on a treasure hunt. Then we made lots of different decorations. Finally we made lots of different pirate food.

In the end we performed, found treasure and eat our party food with our parents.

We decorated our hall.

What was your favourite pirate food?
Hoist the Jolly Roger and a pirate you shall be!

"First look behind the castle."
"Next look inside the tyre."

Can you pose like a pirate?
"This is the best day ever!"