Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Event - Eco Rainforest Week

February 2011

As part of our on-going Eco work to learn about our world environment, animals and plants in it, we held a whole school project based on 'The Rainforest'. Different classes found out about different aspects including the climate, animal species and art.

We were fortunate that we were able to have 'Tropical Inc' visit us. Glen bought in lots of different animals that you would find in the Rainforest.

Every week we do energy patrol in School. All classes in school compete to get the 'Eco Warriors of the Week' trophy. The way to win is to get the most stars from Energy Patrol. Every day some Eco Committee come around the classes and do an inspection! The more eco your classroom the more stars you earn.

Eco Committee have their own Newspaper that they do once a year. We ask all children in school to bring in things to go in it all about how we can help save the planet, quizzes, pictures etc.

The hedgehogs.
The snapping turtle.

Coati Mundi.
The tree snake.

A skunk.
The love bird liked to sit on people's heads!

The parrots.
Weaving a rainforest.

Eco Express newspaper.
Eco Code.

Our display on the Rainforest.