Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Upper Key Stage 2 - Eagles

Welcome to Eagles..

Welcome to Eagles class.

During Key Stage 2 we aim to link the lessons to our topics and bring the curriculum to life. This year, our three main topics are Ancient Greeks (Autumn term), Space (Spring Term) and the Victorians (Summer term).

In our Ancient Greek topic, we visited Birmingham Museum for our school trip, and tried out a workshop on Ancient Greek drama! We also created some artwork in red-clay design that would have been on Ancient Greek pottery. Back in school, we used “Who Let the Gods Out” by Maz Evans as our themed English book. We created lots of exciting writing pieces from this, including a character diary, a persuasive letter, a newspaper report, and even traditional Greek myths that we turned into podcasts! We practiced speaking clearly and slowly for the recording of these. For artwork, pairs of children drew detailed depictions of the Greek pantheon, which we stuck on the classroom roof above us - the Gods belong up high above us!

In our Space topic, we visited the Nation Space Centre at Leicester for some out-of-this-world adventures. We learned about the history of space flight and astronauts, had a go at managing the resources for a future permanent lunar base, and got to hold some real meteorites! Back in school, we have constructed true scale paintings of the eight solar system planets, researched fact files for each of them, and found out why day, night, the Moon and the seasons change.

In Eagles we have specialist teachers for French and Music. We have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and have a set of class ukuleles. We often attend performances with other schools, and at the end of the year, we always put our singing skills to the test with a whole KS2 production! In the past years, we have performed Aladdin and Cinderella.

After SATS in May, Eagles class takes on a special challenge: Project Apprentice! The class are split into groups, and challenged to come up with a way to turn to £10 into as much money as possible in just one ‘selling’ week. Past groups have sold cakes, prepared staff lunches, made fruit smoothies, put on carnival events in school, run lunch-time craft stations and even manufactured their own stress toys! Wow! Project Apprentice culminates in a presentation to a board, usually made up of school governors, business-based parents or representatives from Stourport High School.

In PE we have sessions with Worcester Warriors and Worcester Cricket Club. We play fun tournaments with Kings Hawford and the schools in the Droitwich pyramid. We also take part in inter-house tournaments, such as quizzes and football competitions. We will have the opportunity to swim in the Spring term and always look forward to sports day in the Summer.

We have more homework in Eagles to help us prepare for our SAT’s tests; and if we do well we gain house points. We all aspire to join our head teacher for Golden ticket tea, when we have the chance to share our ideas with her – and best of all, have cakes!

Pupils are proud to wear a tie and blazer, which shows how they are rising to the challenge of upper Key Stage 2. Our Year 6 pupils act as school ambassadors and lead our House teams and School Council.

We know that Sytchampton will prepare us for the next stage of learning; the move to either Middle or Secondary schools. Students from Sytchampton have gone on to excel at Stourport High, The Chantry, Tudor Grange, Dodderhill Girls School, Kings and RGS. We already have links to these other schools and we are gaining confidence and independence through residential trips and sports events.

Our Learning

Summer Homework


History in action.
Sharing our learning with visitors on our Open Morning.

At Tudor World in Stratford-upon-Avon, dressing up and learning about life in Tudor times as well as meeting William Shakespeare!
Our scarecrow in the guise of Henry VIII we built for Harvest.