Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

School Clubs

Clubs are run by both staff and outside agencies. Each term children will receive a letter about the clubs on offer to their year group. Some of our clubs take place during lunch time and others are after school.

A variety of different clubs are offered each term, such as: tennis, outdoor games, jewellery making, board games, willow sculpting, photography, gardening, French, drama and dance. The clubs are always very popular with the children and enjoyed by all.


Some of our beautiful gardening achievements.

Gardening will be led by Miss Gilmour and the gardening club gives the children a chance to prepare, select and plant the seeds, tend the plots and watch them grow into fruit and vegetables, so that they can be harvested and sold.

Miss Gilmour is very grateful to the input of parent volunteers who have worked hard in 2018/19 to make our school garden a flourishing success.

A particular thanks to the PTA for their input with donations of sleepers for the raised beds, and family and friends who donated plants in the Spring which we really brightened up garden area.

Sports Club

A different sports club is offered every term, these have included: tennis, multi-skills, golf and outdoor games. Sport clubs are run by staff or by coaches from our local community. Clubs are offered to different year groups throughout the year and are run after school.

Taking part in the different sports club will help your child develop a range of physical, social and emotional skills including agility, balance and co-ordination. Additionally it will encourage your child to adopt a healthy lifestyle and develop as a team player and responsible citizen.

Arts and Craft

We enjoyed working together to make our willow sculpture bird.

A different art/craft club is offered every term. This includes clubs such as: jewellery making, willow sculpture, art, drama and photography. The clubs are run by both staff and outside providers. Clubs are offered to different year groups each term. Some are run after school and others at lunchtime.

All of the art/craft clubs give the children the opportunity to experience working with different materials and develop new skills. There will be times when the children will be able to work collaboratively or individually.

Music Lessons

We offer Guitar and Keyboard lessons through peripatetic music teachers each week.