Sytchampton Endowed Primary School


We are very proud at Sytchampton to say that pupil, staff and parent wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. We feel good mental health and wellbeing, is something we have ingrained in our school DNA.

As such, we have put the following things in place to ensure this is continued and frequently added to, in order to benefit the children within our care.

Also see the following document with useful wellbeing resources to support your child's mental health:

Wellbeing Champions

One way we have achieved this is through the role of ‘pupil wellbeing champions’.

The children have elected two peers in every class for this valuable role. The role of the ‘wellbeing champions’ is to offer support, kindness and friendship, to promote anti-bullying and be aware, and notice, any signs of unhappiness in their friends.

Through listening to their peers feelings, ideas and thoughts they will influence and positively shape the wellbeing direction of the school. Working together, and closely supported by ‘Youth Mental Health First Aider’ Mrs Natalie Hothi.

Staff Training

We are dedicated and committed to training our staff in mental health and wellbeing, with a qualified youth mental health first aider, and several staff qualified in mental health awareness in the workplace and children’s emotional wellbeing and adverse childhood experiences.

We are also very lucky that two members of staff are now qualified 'mini me yoga teachers', enabling us to offer mindfulness, relaxation and yoga as part of our wellbeing profile.

We have also successfully implemented peer massage across the whole school which has had marvellous results.

Staff Wellbeing

Whilst the children are always our top priority, staff wellbeing is an integral part of this.

We ensure all staff feel valued and motivated to do well. We achieve this through, having wellbeing as an agenda item at every meeting, a staff wellbeing board, staff wellbeing afternoons, an open door policy, and a supportive work family.

Our teachers are able to give your children their best, as we are ensuring their mental health and wellbeing is supported and is a priority.

Outdoor Space and Exercise

We recognise that children learn well when they are engaged, and focused. Therefore, at Sytchampton we provide varied lessons, often using outdoor space, forest school, learning through ‘doing’, and making good use of our wonderful gardens and forest school areas.

We are committed to ensuring your children stay active through fun PE sessions and having outside organisations such as Kidderminster harriers offer exciting sporting activities.

We are very blessed with our wonderful location, which provides lots of daily opportunities to practise mindful awareness of our surroundings and appreciate all of the nature around us.


Wellbeing Wednesday

Each Wednesday we offer a wellbeing activity on our online learning platform ‘Seesaw’. This helps to show the children that good mental health and wellbeing is important to us all.

We follow the five steps to happiness, be active, take notice, give, connect, keep learning.

Social Media Profile

We are lucky to be able to reach out to our families in lots of different ways, we’ve found a mixture of Facebook, Twitter, seesaw and email, ensure we stay connected with our Sytchampton families.

We regularly share useful articles relating to good mental health and wellbeing on the different platforms, such as, the monthly action for happiness calendar, which we all love and have on the walls in staff communal areas too.

Watch this space...

We have many future plans to increase our wellbeing activities and these include:

  • Whole school wellbeing day.
  • More staff trained in Mental Health First Aid.
  • Training opportunities for parents on supporting their child’s mental health.
  • Assemblies on wellbeing and good health organised by the wellbeing champions, and projects across the school promoting anti-bullying.

We always welcome feedback from our families, please get in touch if you would like to talk about wellbeing. We will also be holding virtual wellbeing coffee mornings so you can share your feelings and suggestions.